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About Us

About The Norfolk Sloe Company; a family business.10494561_10154426603155364_6688903534019568257_n

Autumn 2011 saw Patrick and Sarah Saunders together with children Leanne, Nicola and William on their annual North Norfolk sloe harvest, to make their hugely popular sloe gin for friends and family. A bumper harvest (150 kilograms!) led to some serious discussions about widening their business horizons… and the Norfolk Sloe Company was born. 


Over the following months, every member of the family discovered skills they didn’t know they had. Patrick began the intense process of recipe development and testing (a tough job, but he coped admirably). Nicola focused on the business plan and company viability, Leanne created the brand logo of the legendary ‘Black Shuck’, and resident computer genius William, worked his ICT magic and prepared the company website. Sarah did what Sarah does best – she kept the whole thing going!


Soon the family was inundated with offers to help with taste testing. Those volunteering included Sarah’s mum, Mrs Betty Emmerson MBE. Sloe gin turned out to be just the start. 


Once the sloe gin was made, it seemed a travesty to waste the delicious gin-soaked sloe berries. It was time for family members Keith and Zoe to join the Norfolk Sloe Company, adding the heavenly gin-soaked sloe truffles to the growing list of sloe products.


On December 1st 2015, following two years of dedicated, intensive research and product development with one of the UK’s leading gin experts and a host of willing family and friends, The Norfolk Sloe Company launched its very own Black Shuck Gin.


Within four weeks we had sold all 1000 of our 1st Edition bottles, and we’ve not stopped producing and bottling since, with over 70 stockists across East Anglia and new products and merchandising being worked on all the time (keep an eye on our news page, or sign up for our newsletter for details of new developments).


Visit our events page for details of the local events we are attending and showcasing our range – or visit one of our stockists – and discover the delights of the sloe berry for yourself. See you soon…



The Norfolk Sloe Company